Some New Changes

Hello everyone!

I’m taking on a new role, that of Managing Editor at Resy. While you probably know Resy as a source for reservations, it’s also building out a robust platform for editorial content. I’ll help to lead the team that’s developing our editorial offerings. 

OK, to the question at least some of you are asking: This means you’re writing about food, not wine? 

YES, I’ll be focused on food and dining. But in fact, I’ve always done that. I wrote about food during my tenure at MSNBC, even before I created my own wine column. Before that, I ran own food blog in the internet’s protean days. And even if wine was my main beat at the San Francisco Chronicle, I tried to sneak food stories in whenever I could. (I believe my recipe remains the Chronicle’s pizza dough of record.)

In the past few years, I’ve continued—here, here and here, for instance. Now I get to do a lot more, and I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am about this opportunity.

I’m also thrilled to work again with one of my former colleagues, Paolo Lucchesi. Paolo is one of the most talented food journalists I’ve met, and since I left the Chronicle five years ago, I’ve hoped for a chance for us to collaborate again. I think I can say we’re both excited to keep building a smart, diverse team of writers and contributors in coming months.

On that, actually: Anyone who follows food media knows we’ve reached an inflection point. It is a time for new voices and more expansive coverage—yet also a time when media economics keep threatening such things. One reason I’m so excited is that we’re getting to try out new ways of performing a crucial task: connecting diners with food they’ll love. In fact, Resy has already been doing this; we’ll keep expanding that work.

And wine? I’ll still write about wine, likely for outlets where you’ve read me in the past, including PUNCH. Possibly elsewhere. Quite likely for Resy, too. And since my past five years have largely been spent reporting and writing my next book, The New French Wine, it would be an understatement to say I’m impatient to share all I’ve learned along the way. 

I hope you’ll keep reading. And you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram. To loyal readers who’ve come to know me through my wine writing, an enormous thanks for your support. It all will keep going.